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1011 21st Street East
Bradenton, FL 34208
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Just for Girls makes a positive impact on young women every single day. Our dedicated team works to make girls' lives better through academic, developmental, and prevention programs. Our before and after school programs keep girls safe in non-school hours, and caring staff help girls build internal strengths such as confidence, resiliency, empathy, and trust. Our alternative middle school is a haven for girls who have committed to turning their lives around after having had trouble succeeding in a traditional school; each year this program helps these girls map a new path to success, find their personal inspiration, and turn F's into A's. Just for Girls Academy, our charter elementary school, opened in August of 2012 and is already making a measurable difference increasing the academic success of our young students. The Academy's innovative programming includes character development, leadership training, and service learning, all of which boost academics as they work to strengthen girls' relationships with their peers, families, and community. Just for Girls Academy is currently enrolling K-5th grades for the 2014-2015 school year.
Spearheaded in 1967 by Ida Stewart and Sarah Tomberlin, the Manatee County Girls Club was created to provide local girls an educational program designed for their needs, in an environment that fosters success. In December 1968, the Manatee County Girls Club, Inc. received its charter; it opened its doors in Bradenton on January 6, 1969.

The organization flourished, and with the assistance of Sara Alice Harllee, opened a Palmetto center just two years later. In 1979, the Bradenton Kiwanis Club generously deeded land to Just for Girls on 59th Street, where the west Bradenton center stands today. In 1981, the William G. and Marie Selby Foundation funded retiring the mortgage on that facility. A few years later, after a successful capital campaign led by Dan S. Blalock, Jr., both the east Bradenton and Palmetto centers relocated to brand-new facilities.

In 1989, the Manatee County Girls Club Foundation, Inc. was formed for the purpose of raising and managing funds for the long-term support and future self-sufficiency of the Manatee County Girls Club, Inc.

The name Just for Girls was adopted in 1992, and in 1993, the Just for Girls Alternative Education Program was established to serve the educational needs of middle school girls who have not been able to succeed in a traditional school setting. In 2009, this program was renamed the Jane B. Pratt Alternative School for Girls in honor or one of Just for Girls' original leaders. Just for Girls Academy, an innovative charter school serving elementary school-aged girls, opened in August, 2012.

For over 40 years, Just for Girls has met and exceeded the highest standards for excellence in programming, stewardship and accountability. Providing hope for those in need, it is making a difference in this community � one girl at a time.

Past Presidents -
1968Kathyrn Hall1984Shirley J. Foor2000Douglas Peebles
1969Kathryn Hall1985Shirley J. Foor2001Douglas Peebles
1970Jane B. Pratt1986Patricia Benson2002Charles F. Elzer III
1971Jane B. Pratt1987Jane Kitching2003Charles F. Elzer III
1972Rev. Wheatley1988Mary Beth Bustle2004Wayne Scoggins
1973Sarah H. Tomberlin1989Mary Beth Bustle2005Cindy Denison
1974William B. Lee1990John Quinlan2006Paulette Gaar
1975Lois M. Taylor1991George LaChapelle2007Betty Trigueiro
1976Robert J. Boylston1992Patricia Petruff2008Betty Trigueiro
1977Sara Nell Baden1993Barbara Ann Held2009Dale Smoot
1978Julie McClure1994Angela A. Claxon2010Dale Smoot
1979Phyllis Weitzenfeld1995William M. Blalock2011Shirley Foor
1980Phyllis Weitzenfeld1996William M. Blalock2012Shirley Foor
1981Margaret Barnes1997John D. Hawkins2013Patricia Petruff
1982Maureen Magnon1998Judy LaMee 2014Patricia Petruff
1982Maureen Magnon1999Judy LaMee

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